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01/18 2011

Space Cleansing: 10 Tips to remove unwanted energies.

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Moving into a new house? Looking for a fresh start? Depressed? A space cleansing can be the perfect alternative to rid your home of access energies that no longer belong. A home is just like a person; it manifests energies based on the land its’ been built on and the lives people have lived in them. Upon moving into a brand new home or office, space clearing can be a very effective practice, and has become an increasingly popular among all cultures & faiths.

Here are 10 tips that will help you clear your space energetically.



It is imperative that your home is kept clean and clear of old, unwanted energies. Remove any access clutter or any leftover

memorabilia that has caused you any kind of pain. It’s important to remove any journal entries that record dark times in your life. You want to remove those pages and burn them in your sink. Ensure there are no blocked pathways in your home and there are no piles of laundry on the floor. Make your bed everyday. Do not keep dirty dishes in the sink.


Step 1: Open every single door, window, cupboard and drawers in your home. Anything that is closed should be open.  Keep everything open until you have completed all of the other steps.

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Step 2. Light your white candles. It’s good to have one in every room. Be sure to let the candles burn out on their own or when you blow them out say: “I snuff this candle but not the light.”

Step 3: Then, walking from the front door in a clockwise pattern, circle each room and go into the next while ringing a bell. Be sure to ring the bell in the corners of rooms and in closets where negative energy can remain trapped.


Step 6: Use essential oils, sage, or incense to clear your space. Scent introduces positive energy into the house. I have a special blend of essential oils that I use specifically for house cleansing that I use with my clients..



Step 7: I have many house blessing prayers, so I will ask you to choose one that I have and or bring your own that stems from your own traditions: Here is an Irish house blessing that one of my clients choose to use:

“Bless this house, O’ Lord we pray, make it safe by night and day; Bless these walls, so firm and stout keep want and trouble out: Bless the roof and chimney tall, let thy peace lie over all. Bless the door that it may prove ever open to joy and love. Bless these windows, shining bright, letting in God’s heavenly light; Bless the folk who dwell within, keep them pure and free from sin. Bless us that one day we may dwell, O Lord with Thee.”



psychic, maxine friend, clairvoyant, kitsilano, healer, reiki, tarot, space clearing, tea leaf readerLight + Sound.


Step 8: Light and sound are two very effective “yang” treatments that help to dispel and remove negative energies. It is wonderful to introduce all kinds of light into your home. Reflective light like chandeliers, crystals, and mirrors bring light into the space and deflect negative energies.

Music is another wonderful antidote. Use music that brings you joy and happiness. If you are unsure what kind of music to use, classical music is always a nice option.


Step 9: This is my favorite part of the house cleansing process. Crank your favorite music and dance all over your house. Remember, this is a celebration! Invite your friends to join in this occasion. Whether you are moving into a new space or reclaiming an old one, joy is the number one emotion that will reclaim your home and inject joy and happiness into your space.

After this step, you may now close all of your windows and doors.

psychic, clairvoyant, reiki, tarot, Vancouver, spa for the spirit, intuition, tea leaf reader, healer, medical intuitiveSalt Bath.


Step 10: This final step allows you cleanse yourself of any unwanted energies that may have accumulated on you during the ceremony. Soak in a tub with sea salt or make your own sea salt scrub and wash your body in the shower with salt. Salt will purify you and remove negative energies from your body. This is especially helpful if you work in a hostile environment, and will help you clear negative energy from your body. I make my own sea salt scrub and works beautifully for baths or showers.

You are done. Your space will now feel lighter. You now have the necessary tools to complete these steps whenever you want. Feel free to practice these steps on a seasonal basis, or whenever the need arises.

I wish you all Joy in your newly reclaimed space!

By: Maxine Friend

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